Amazon Offer & Sale Today

Amazon Offer & Sale Today

Amazon offer - There is always a discount on AMAZON. This is the magic of online shopping that you can get great deals and you don’t even have to go to the showroom, mall or retail outlet.

Offers are always on AMAZON and there are many sales all throughout the year. Some of these major sales are:

  • AMAZON PRIME DAYS and many more

Let’s have a look at some amazing offers on AMAZON currently category by category:


There has been a revolution in technology as far as televisions are concerned today. The technology is changing fast and by the day and almost every 6 months, the old technologies get outdated. Thus all of us want the best and the latest TV. But many times because of budget constraints, we are not able to get our dream TV.

Well, the Amazon offer sale is a great chance of going for your dream TV and almost all the best TVs are at a discount and you will be spoilt for choice.

If you want to but a Television then this is the time and don’t waste time and go for that dram TV today so that you can enjoy the superior quality and big screen and buy a Television with the latest technology.

Act fast as the stocks are running out fast and don’t miss your chance of getting hold of that dream Television which you were waiting for with anticipation and hope of a price drop.

These are some offers on TV’s on Amazon currently:

There are 17 percent off on Mi Smart TV 32 inches and you can now get it for 12499 instead of the earlier price of 14999.

Also, you can get a 50 percent discount on Micromax 32 inch TV and get it for only 9490 instead of the earlier price of 19999.

Also, the Mi Smart TV 43 inches now comes only for rupees 21999 instead of the earlier quoted price of rupees 25999.

The Mi 49 inch TV comes now for only rupees 29999 and it earlier came for rupees 32999. Thus you get a discount of 3000 rupees on it.

You can also get a Samsung 43 inch LED TV with the Amazon Fire TV stick and the bundled offer comes for only rupees 29999 while the earlier price was rupees 48999 thus you get a discount of 39 percent making it a steal of a deal.

Also, the 32 inches LG smart TV now comes for only rupees 19490 and has a 28 percent discount on it.

Also, another great deal is the Cloudwalker 40 inch TV  which is 4K ready and a Smart TV and it can be yours for only rupees 17490. Thus you get a huge and massive discount of 47 percent on the earlier price of rupees 32999.

Last but not the least you can get a Cloudwalker 43 inch 4K Full HD TV for only rupees 19999 at a discount of 46 percent while the earlier price was rupees 36999.

Amazon's offer is genuine and you really do get great discounts.


Today mobiles are no longer a luxury they are a necessity. We cannot even dream of a life without mobile phones and all of us want to get the best performing and good looking phone for ourselves.

We can play games, talk, browse the net, click pictures and do 1001 more things on our mobiles but at times due to budget constraints, we are not able to get that dream mobile.

Well, this is your chance to grab that dream mobile at a crazy and unbelievable discount. There are massive discounts on mobile phones on Amazon offer and you can get the best quality and best performing mobiles at very reasonable and discounted rates. Thus waste no more time. Logon to Amazon offer and get that fancy mobile for yourself before the offers end and the stocks exhaust

There are also many great offers on mobiles on AMAZON too. Let's have a look at some of the offers on Mobiles and accessories.

The CoolPad Cool 3 Plus 3GB/32 GB is now coming at a discount of 25 percent and it can be yours for only rupees 5999 as compared to the earlier price of rupees 7999.

The Samsung M40 6GB/128GB is coming at a discounted price of rupees 19999 and there is an extra discount of 10 percent on using SBI cards. Earlier the mobile phone was commanding the price of rupees 20490.

The LG W30 with the triple camera is coming at a discounted price of only rupees 9999.

There is a flat Rupees 3000 off on Redmi Y3 3GB/32GB and now it is available for only rupees 8999.

There is also a massive discount on Redmi 7 2GB/32GB and it has rupees 2500 flat discount and thus it is now available for rupees 7499.

Also, there is an exchange offer where you can exchange your old phone and get the Xiaomi MI A2 at a discounted price of rupees 9999 only rather than the earlier price of rupees 17499.

For all those OnePlus fans the OnePlus 7 is coming at rupees 31499 and has a flat discount of 2000 rupees.

The Honor Play 4GB/64GB is coming at a never before price of rupees 14999and has a 32 percent discount on it.

Also for all those die-hard Samsung fans, you are in for a pleasant surprise as the Galaxy S9 is coming with a massive discount of 34 percent and is coming for only rupees 39999 as compared to the earlier retail price of rupees 60000.

Last but not the least the very popular Honor View 20 6GB/128GB is coming at a discount of 42 percent and is available for only rupees 24999.


Almost everybody be it a student, housewife or professional cannot survive without a laptop and we all want fast and powerful laptops but sometimes we have to compromise on quality and performance as our pocket does not allow us to go for high-end laptops.

If you are looking for a great and brilliant laptop which also fits your budget then you need to look no further as Amazon offer is coming up with fantastic discounts and offers and the best and the most qualitatively superior laptop can be yours for a great price where you will save lots of money.

There is an up to 40 percent sale on laptops and also there are great exchange offers available coupled with the discount. You can purchase Laptops from Brands such as Apple, Micromax, Acer, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Fujitsu and more. Laptop starting at Rs.15990.

These are the offers:

You can also get the best Lenovo laptops for less than rupees 30,000 and you get the best offers, deals, and discounts.

Also if you are an APPLE fan then you will be in for a pleasant surprise as you can get Apple laptops for up to 20 percent discount.

You can also get very high performing laptops with i7 processor for less than rupees 60,000 only.

Also, the best i3 processor laptops come for less than rupees 25,000.


With the summers in full swing refrigerators re no longer a luxury but a necessity. It is difficult to survive without refrigerators and thus the AMAZON offer has come up with some fantastic schemes and discounts on refrigerators.

Especially for housewives, the refrigerator is the most important gadget in the kitchen and the better the technology the better the utility. Many housewives want the best quality and latest fridge but are forced to compromise because of budget constraints. Thus they settle for a raw deal and survive with what they can.

Come Amazon offer and sale and things are going to change. There will be heavy discounts on refrigerators and you can get the best and the latest fridge at great and discounted prices. You can also exchange your old refrigerator for a new one and get a great discount on that as well.

If you are planning to buy a new refrigerator or on updating your old one then this is the time. Grab hold of the opportunity and don’t let it go as there are great discounts and deals and also exchange offers as well too.

As part of the Amazon freedom sale, you can get up to 50 percent off on refrigerators.

Some of the offers are as follows:

The BPL 564 L frost free side by side refrigerator is coming at a massive discount of 36 percent and is available for only rupees 41,990. This is surely a steal of a deal

The Godrej 261 3 star refrigerator is coming at a discount of 16 percent and the offer price is only rupees 22,999. This is a single door refrigerator.

The next refrigerator on offer is the Whirlpool 190 L 3 STAR single door refrigerator which is coming at a discount of 17 percent and is available for a discounted price of rupees 10,990 only

Samsung refrigerators are very popular and most people prefer to go for Samsung as the brand means quality.

The Samsung 192 L 2-star direct cool refrigerator is available at 15 percent off and the price after discount is only rupees 12,790.

As we can see we are getting the best quality refrigerators at great and never before prices and thus this is the right time to buy refrigerators as there are massive discounts and a great amount of money to be saved.

You should grab the offers before the stocks exhaust and get yourself a brand new and brilliant up to date refrigerator which will last you long and also serve you well.


Mobile accessories are in great demand nowadays as almost every individual has a smartphone and individuals wait a long while to buy these accessories at discounted prices.

Headphones, screen protectors, paired smartwatches and bands and tampered glass are all very important for your mobile phone. As mobiles are becoming expensive by the day the more there is a need for protection of the mobile phones and thus screen guards and scratch guards are becoming more and more important by the day.

Also, many of us want to listen to music while on the go and thus we need headphones or earphones but a lot of us find them exorbitantly expensive but not anymore as there is a 50 to 75 percent discount available on some headphones and also massive discounts on Bluetooth headphones.

Also, smart brands have caught up with youngsters and almost each of them is wearing a smartwatch or a smart band. There are also discounts on smart wearables and you can but that dream smart band in this Amazon sale without having to spend a bomb on purchasing it.

These are some offers on mobile accessories available on Amazon:

The Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth wireless earphones with mic are coming for a great price of rupees 1499 and the discount on them is 25 percent.

Also, smart bands are getting nowadays and thus the Xiaomi Smart band is available for a discount of rupees 400 and is now available for only rupees 1799 as compared to the earlier price of rupees 2199.

One of the best offers is on Boat headphones which are coming at a massive discount of 73 percent and are available for only rupees 349 as compared to the earlier price of rupees 1290.

Mi super bass wireless headphones are coming for only rupees 1799 as compared to the earlier price of rupees 2199.

You can also purchase trendy cases and covers starting from rupees 99 only too on Amazon.

One of the best offers is a flat 76 percent off on Boat bass heads 99 wired headphones with mic which are available for only rupees 599 as compared to the regular price of rupees 2490.

Also, you can go for tampered glass for mobiles which start at rupees 49 only and many of them have an up to 90 percent discount.

The realme earbud earphones are also available for rupees 499 only on Amazon.

Mobile screen protectors can be yours for as low a price as rupees 99 only.

Thus as we can see that there is a fantastic sale on and massive discounts to be had on mobile accessories and you should not wait any longer and go for these products which are coming at almost throwaway prices and get your hands on them before the stocks exhaust.

We all have mobiles and we all need accessories and this is the best time to buy these accessories so that you can save a lot and also enjoy your mobile experience.


Thus as we can see that the offers and discounts on AMAZON are absolutely genuine and real and are not just a marketing gimmick. Also, all the products are genuine and come with a warranty. While buying from AMAZON you can rest assured that you will get the best quality and genuine product at the most reasonable price.

AMAZON offer is always on but there are certain periods of time like the festive season when the offers are at their best and there is an optimal discount.

Buyers should make hay while the sun lasts and buy to their heart's content in these sales and special days. You will not just get the best product but also a great discount and great exchange offers.

Today Amazon has become the online preferred shop for all consumers and buyers. Almost the entire country is buying from the AMAZON offer and there are reasons for it.

First of all the sales are genuine and so are the products. There is also an easy return policy with Amazon and Amazon is certainly a brand you can trust.

Thus today all individuals are rushing to Amazon to grab the products of their choice till the stock lasts. The prices are at times unbelievable and one cannot even imagine how they are so less as compared to the market. Well, that is the magic of the AMAZON offer is that you get the best products at the best prices.

Sales and discounts are almost always on Amazon but there are special days when you can take advantage of special offers and you should not miss this opportunity as you stand to benefit a lot from your purchase.

Thus customers are glued on to the AMAZON offer web page and keep searching for the best products at the best discounts. Most of them are successful at getting their dream product at an unbelievable price.

AMAZON believes not just in customer satisfaction but also in customer delight. AMAZON strives hard to exceed customer expectations and this is the secret of their success.

Thus if you have plans to by an amazing and big Television or that super fast and super stylish laptop and a great mobile then this is the time for you to shop till you drop and get yourself a great bargain.

Published on: Aug 18, 2019