Guest Post service or Guest Blogging is the practice of posting content and articles on other websites and blogs so as to make your blog and website popular through backlinks.



Guest Post service or Guest Blogging is the practice of posting content and articles on other websites and blogs so as to make your blog and website popular through backlinks.

Blogging includes:

  • Submitting a blog with a pitch to a popular website
  • And Getting it published by that website

Guest post services are a Win-Win proposition for both the parties involved. You the blogger get backlinks to your website or blog and the host website gets fantastic content.

Guest blogging and Guest post services are an important and critical part of SEO or search engine optimization. By using the appropriate and relevant keywords you can improve the search engine rating of the host website. Also all the while your content also gets exposure. Also through backlinks, readers can also reach your website thus making your website popular and highly rated.

Guest blogging and Guest Post Services are the best and most brilliant way of building links to your website. They make your website more popular. Through guest blogging, you can build win-win relationships, get web exposure, and exercise authority. Thus building a collection of backlinks to your website.

Guest Blogging also helps you promote your brand but you need to careful of these factors:

  • The blog you are posting on should be relevant and appropriate
  • Contribute only to high quality and popular blogs to get the most out of your content contribution.
  • You need to use keywords which lead the browsers to the guest blog and through backlinks to your blogs
  • Contribute only high-quality blogs so that the users get engaged and wait eagerly for your next blog.

Thus by following these guidelines, you can make your guest posts more popular. This will finally lead the readers to your website making your website and blog more popular.

Now, Guest blogging has a proper procedure that has to be followed if you want to be successful in your exercise. You have to take care of many factors like posting only to popular sites, conducting proper research, and also conducting a page rank analysis.

This is the procedure of Guest Blogging:

  • Find sites that accept guest blogs. Go for the ones which are qualitatively superior and popular
  • Conduct proper research on the topic of contribution. Take matter from authentic sources
  • Do a qualitative analysis. It gives you a clear understanding of which are the best blogs to contribute.
  • Conduct a Page Rank analysis. By searching through keywords you can make a list of the best sites to contribute to
  • Analyze the amount of traffic visiting the site. Go with the sites with maximum traffic
  • Do a member count of the website. See for yourself how much exposure the blog will provide to your content and backlink.
  • Post qualitative content on the host website. Reap the benefits of backlinks and the popularity of your website through the host website.

There are many Guest Blog and Guest post service providers in the US. The following 5 are the best and most popular guest post service providers in the US. By submitting content to these websites you can reap rich dividends and also make your website popular through backlinks.

These are some of the best Guest Blog service providers in the US:


Many hundreds of expert writers publish their blogs on and reap the benefits of the site's popularity by posting backlinks to their blogs and websites. If you are a professional or an expert on any topic then this is the place where you can submit your blogs and reap tremendous and fantastic dividends. There are more than 1000 topics to choose from and you can choose the topic which you are an expert in.

This website has more than 45 million monthly visitors and is a very popular website. This is where all net users go looking for breaking news, news on the latest technology, entertainment news, and other resources. You can submit your blogs on MASHABLE. If they publish your blogs you will get fame and name overnight. Thus the number of visitors to your blog will multiply quickly and fast if your content is good. This is because MASHABLE is a very popular and trending website.


This is a great site for budding businessmen and entrepreneurs. It is also a great source for finance, marketing, business, and social media. This is the site for all those who are passionate about their business. By submitting quality content on this website you will definitely reap rich dividends. This site is very popular amongst young and emerging business people. By submitting quality articles on finance and business you can create a niche for yourself. This will lead to more and more visitors visiting your website through backlinks.


This site revolves around physical, mental, and spiritual health and has a great fan following. By getting your articles on topics like health and fitness and a positive attitude, you can very easily make a name for yourself. You can also attract more and more web surfers to your website or blog.

Lifehack offers a fantastic platform to new and budding writers. Writers who produce quality content are given an opportunity to write on their website. Also, they get a lot of exposure as many individuals are regular there.



If you are a person who wants to share career advice then this is where you should be. You can post job advice for a varied audience. There is a varied mix of senior officials and freshers and you can cater to both categories. This is a great site to create backlinks to your website. Once the readers like your content they will follow you and will finally approach your website or blog.

Thus by publishing your blogs on these websites, you can taste success. You can make your website popular by following some simple steps. You can thus create win-win partnerships with many different websites which will further lead to an SEO and improve your web ranking.

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