Today creating a website is not so difficult. Some refer it even as a child’s play. What is difficult and challenging is getting free website traffic to your site.



Today creating a website is not so difficult. Some refer it even as a child’s play. What is difficult and challenging is getting free website traffic to your site.

Of course, there are paid methods of attracting website traffic to your site. But then that creates a hole in your pocket. Also, the returns from your investment are not justifiable.

You don’t need to be an expert to bring and attract free website traffic to your site. You just need to be practical, sensible, and use simple, tried, and tested methods to attract free website traffic to your website.

To get noticed you need to be unique and different. Also from the very beginning, you need to have a strategy and a plan of action. This is to make your website a mega success.

It is a good idea to ask and refer to experts as to how to increase free website traffic and attract more visitors. Experience counts and if you reach out to the right people they will guide you well and help you create a successful strategy. This is to attract a continuous flow of visitors to your website.

One strategy will not work for all. You need to understand what you are offering and who your target customers are. Once you are clear with this it becomes easy to make and create a plan of action. This will help you achieve visitors to your website.

Also, you need to be patient and persistent. Things won’t happen instantly. Attracting free website traffic takes its own sweet time. Especially so when it is free traffic.

You need to give yourself goal-oriented time periods. You need to break down your website visitor target goals into months or weeks. Then with these mini-goals, you can reach the ultimate goal-that of making your website a success.

There is no proven strategy that works for all. Every website is unique and you need to have a unique strategy in place which suits your website, content, and products.

Simply speaking you need to customize your strategy to suit your kind of business. You will need to be creative, innovative, and also think differently to make a mark on the internet and in the minds of your target audience. You will need to highlight your USP’s and do a SWAT analysis at regular intervals. This is to ensure that you are not deviating on the path and your strategy is bringing in more visitors.

There is no proven technique that works for all in attracting free website traffic to your website. The faster you realize it the better. You will need to customize your approach. You need to use hit and trial to see what works and then implement it to attract more traffic.

To make it short, there is no right way; there is only the right way. What works for others won’t work for you. And what works for you might not necessarily work for others. Thus it is critical that you follow ‘Your Own Way’ in attracting free website traffic to your website. Thus making it a success.

These are some ways in which you can attract free website traffic and make your site a success:


Today the entire world is online. It is using social media to share, engage, and entertain themselves. Social Media Marketing or SMM is picking up with great speed. This is so as digital marketers are realizing the power of the medium.

You can create pages on Facebook and promote your website through them. You can also invite your followers to like the pages and visit the website.

Also, you can mention your website again and again in your social media posts. All the while sharing links to your website on sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Social Media is a great platform to promote your website and products and attract visitors for free. Thus getting your free website traffic.

You can always attract free website traffic through paid ads. But the real challenge is to attract traffic for free by intelligently manipulating the social media platforms.


As far as website and blogs are concerned ‘content is king’. Thus you need to focus on creating more engaging, unique, useful, and different content to attract free website traffic to your website.

You can use creative techniques like video tutorials, Podcasts, Pictorial guides, animation, and tutorial blogs.

You will also need to keep checking your traffic stats to see and check as to how much free website traffic you are attracting. Keeping a track on this will help you understand and realize how well your marketing strategy is working.

Variety is the key. You need to keep your visitors engaged. Also, you need to see to it that they do not lose interest. It is also a good idea to bring in a professional content writing specialist. This is to make your blogs great and awesome.

The better the content the more the shares. Also the more visitors you will attract and thus it makes complete sense focusing on quality and creative content. Content that holds the visitor's attention so that he becomes a subscriber and re-visits your website time and again. Such visitors will also spread the word. They will become marketers for your website for free.



Over-reliance on search engines is not good enough. You need to get visitors hooked in and become subscribers. also, you need them to refer your website through word of mouth.

You can create email lists and keep sending updates and the latest news from your website to all your subscribers. This will motivate them to revisit the website. Also, it will attract a repeat of free website traffic. This will increase your earnings as more and more visitors click on ads.

You can also start a Push-Notification list. This will help you reach out to regular visitors. It will also keep them updated on the happenings on your website.

Thus by staying connected with your visitors and subscribers, you can maintain a steady flow of free website traffic. Also, you can retain all the subscribers by sending them interesting updates about the current happenings and events on your website.


Guest posting on another website is a must-have in your internet marketing arsenal. The more guest posts you submit and write the more free website traffic will be attracted to your website.

Also, you need to ensure that all the guest posts link to your site and have backlinks.

If you get an established and prominent publisher to publish your guest blog then there is nothing like it. Also through it, you will also gain credibility. But you should make it a habit to submit at least one guest post with backlinks daily. This way more and more visitors will be redirected to your website. Thus your website will become more and more popular.

With guest posting quality and quantity is the key. With high-quality content you will attract more readers. Thus visitors and the free website traffic on your website will multiply beyond bounds.


It is important to keep things afresh. Also, it is critical to keep restructuring your website. This is to make it more attractive and interesting.

Boredom is a reality of marketing. The only way to beat it is to continuously repackage and repurpose your content.

Add new videos often. Write new blogs. Write about current developments and events. This way more and more free website traffic will be motivated to revisit your site.

New content is critical for a website's success. You cannot rely on old articles and blogs or even videos. You need to keep updating your site and use all your creativity to keep it catchy and engaging.

Also, it is critical to be new daily so that monotony does not settle in and the viewers start loving your website. This does not mean that you always have to keep putting up new content. What this means that you have to repackage and represent the content already present. This is to give a new perspective to it and make it engaging for the visitor.



Thus as we can see it is not easy to attract free website traffic but it is not difficult either. You need the right guidance and common sense to make the most of your website. Thus making it a commercial success by attracting free website traffic to it.

By following the simple steps stated above you can optimize the content of your website and make it a major attraction. You need to be skillful and creative and mix and match the various strategies. This is to attract free website traffic according to your product or website.

In the end, content is the key. But you should always remember that to be remembered you need to create an impact; a special place in the hearts of your visitors and subscribers. And you can do this by offering them value and delivering on your commitment to engagement and entertainment mingled with knowledge and information.

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