SnapDeal is one of the best and most popular e-commerce websites in India. It has a huge following and a huge customer base. Every day more and more customers are shopping on snapdeal and more and more sellers are also joining the SnapDeal seller account.


SnapDeal is one of the best and most popular e-commerce websites in India. It has a huge following and a huge customer base. Every day more and more customers are shopping on snapdeal and more and more sellers are also joining the SnapDeal seller account.

The reason for the success of snapdeal is that it is focused on customer delight, always trying to exceed expectations and thus SnapDeal has made a name for itself and a positive reputation in the Indian e-commerce space.
Discounts are always on snapdeal and customers are always happy as they get great deals and the sellers are happy as they get great margins and can take advantage of economies of scale on SnapDeal all the while benefiting from SnapDeals great brand image and reputation.

Thus SnapDeal is a win-win proposition for all parties concerned.


Founded by Rohit Bansal and Kunal Bahl, Snapdeal is India’s largest online marketplace which offers more than 4 million products across categories provided by more than 50,000 sellers. Snapdeal always has some discounts on and this is the reason why in the recent sale which was held on sale day the number of sales crossed 1 crore rupees every minute.

Today more and more people are going online to buy products and services and thus e-commerce has become one of the fastest-growing industries in India and offers plenty of opportunities for sellers.

By registering on an online shopping site like Snapdeal a seller can quickly establish his online business and make huge profits from plenty of sales on the portal and he does not even have to worry about technology and marketing.

Thus to take advantage of this opportunity more and more sellers are joining Snapdeal by the day and making outstanding sales and profits by the day.


Before you start selling on Snapdeal you-the business has to first become a Snapdeal seller and you do this by completing the online registration process and by submitting all the required documents.

If you are an established business then it is very easy for you to register with Snapdeal and the registration process can be finished quickly as the business will most probably have all the required tax registrations.

Else if you are a new business or if you want to use a new entity for online business then some important tax registrations will have to be obtained before selling on Snapdeal.

These are the registrations required for a business to qualify for selling on Snapdeal:


You need to have a TIN registration, a PAN card, and a Bank Account in the name of the business to complete the Snapdeal seller registration process. Thus a private limited company or a limited liability partnership can be started if an established business is not readily available during the seller registration process.

Both the limited company and the LLP offer the promoters limited liability protection and are separate legal entities that can be transferred or scaled.

According to expert advice, it is advisable for the e-commerce seller to start a private limited company as that will offer him the ability to quickly and swiftly scale up the business and he will be also to access bank and equity funding. As far as LLPs are concerned they have restrictions and challenges in raising bank or equity funding and thus these LLPs are not recommended.


The PAN card should bear the name of the business and should be submitted during the Seller registration process on Snapdeal. Both Limited liability Partnerships and Private limited companies should have a PAN card in the name of the business. If it is a proprietorship then the proprietorship should have a PAN card in the name of the Proprietor.


This TIN registration is also known as VAT registration or Sales Tax registration and is a necessity that is required to start selling on Snapdeal. A TIN registration is compulsory and is required for any business or entity which sells goods or services in India-both online and offline.

Thus TIN registration must be obtained by applying to the State Authorities before selling on Snapdeal. Business entities that do not possess TIN registration can only sell books, handicrafts, unstitched fabrics, or online education.


The business entity wanting to sell on Snapdeal must submit a canceled cheque to Snapdeal during the Snapdeal registration process. This Bank account should be in the name of the business.

Both LLP’s and private limited companies can very easily open Bank accounts in the name of the business by submitting their PAN card and certificate of incorporation.

For proprietorships opening a bank account in the name of the business will be cumbersome as the existence of the business must be proved through business and tax registrations.


First of all, to register on SnapDeal and start the registration process you will need to visit the Snapdeal seller homepage. While you are registering as a seller you will need to furnish information like name, email, phone, and address which will all need to be verified.

Apart from the demographic info, you will need to furnish a copy of your PAN card, a copy of a canceled cheque, and the TIN registration certificate as well.

Once you have submitted all these documents and information they will be verified and approved by a Snapdeal representative.


Thus as we can see that it is not very difficult to register for  Snapdeal sellers and they can easily register and start selling their products on Snapdeal and earn hefty profits while taking advantage of the technology and marketing of Snapdeal.

Thus if you are a business or a company or a registered seller then you should waste no time and instantly register as a seller on Snapdeal and rake in a lot of profits and benefit from economies of scale.

Definitely e-commerce has a great future and businesses will have to go online if they have to survive in the highly competitive marketplace and the Snapdeal seller is an opportunity not to be missed.


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