Voonik Seller - Voonik is an e-commerce platform and an online marketplace especially for women’s accessories and fashion which is powered by an Artificial intelligence system which picks up the best clothes


Voonik Seller - Voonik is an e-commerce platform and an online marketplace especially for women’s accessories and fashion which is powered by an Artificial intelligence system which picks up the best clothes and apparel for the user based on various different parameters like skin tone, body type, style preference, and budget.

It offers more than 15 lakh products from more than 4000 stores and also Voonik offers more than 3000 brands and thus is a multi-store platform.

Voonik has over 50 lakh shoppers from all across India and there are more than 10,000 businesses already registered on Voonik. This makes Voonik a great sales platform for sellers of fashion products and accessories.

Let us now look at the steps to complete registration for becoming a seller on Voonik and get access to millions of customers.


If you are a business that provides clothing and women's fashion then you can register on Voonik through the Voonik seller platform.

The Voonik seller platform can be used by the businesses who want to become Voonik sellers for completing the registration process and also to fulfill sales orders by registered Voonik sellers.


  • STEP 1- First of all you need to visit the Voonik seller platform and furnish your name, email, phone, address, company name, display name. These details are required to register as a seller on Voonik. The registration process is very simple and easy and you need not be an eCommerce expert to be able to register on Voonik. You are guided step by step and you just need to follow the instructions to register on Voonik.
  • STEP 2-PROVIDING ADDRESS DETAILS: Once you start the registration process you will need to provide your business and company address and you can also provide the address where you want the pickup of the courier to be done. Also, address proof is required in this step to register for Voonik
  • STEP 3- In the next step the seller has to accept and agree to the terms and conditions and accept the Voonik memorandum of understanding to proceed to the next steps. It is critical that the seller reads this very carefully so that there are no conflicts or discrepancies which arise in the future and also all the terms and conditions are clear to the seller
  • STEP 4-PROVIDE BUSINESS DETAILS- In the final step, the business and tax details of the business have to be furnished to Voonik. The PAN and TIN of the seller are required and also the type of company has to be mentioned for i.e Partnership, private limited, Proprietorship, and more.

Also, TAN and Aadhaar card details are also required. All these documents must be uploaded on the Voonik registration page.

  • STEP 5-PROVING BANK DETAILS- After the seller has provided all the other details then the seller has to provide his bank details which include the Bank Account name, IFSC code, account number, and more are requested. Also, a copy of a canceled cheque is required to complete the selling process. Finally, after providing all the details a confirmation screen will appear and a Voonik seller associate will call you to complete the process.


You need to furnish the following documents to begin selling on Voonik. You also need some registrations which are:

  1. BUSINESS REGISTRATION: There is no specific requirement for becoming a seller on Voonik but it is advisable that the seller is registered as an LLP or a Private limited company to get the limited liability protection and also get easy access to credit.
  2. VAT or TIN REGISTRATION: VAT or TIN are absolutely compulsory to register on Voonik as a seller. The VAT is only exempt if the seller wants to sell unstitched garments. Thus the seller needs to have a VAT if he wishes to join Voonik and become a Voonik Seller.
  3. PAN AND TAN: TAN is not necessary but PAN is absolutely compulsory to become a Voonik Seller. You also need to provide a copy of your PAN card to voonik.
  4. BANK ACCOUNT: A canceled cheque and Bank account details of the seller are also required. In case the seller is a sole proprietorship then all the details such as TIN, PAN, Bank Account will be in the individual's name and in the case of partnerships and LLC or registered companies the PAN, TAN, and Bank account will be in the businesses name.
  5. REGISTRATION OF TRADEMARK: Once you become a Voonik seller you will get tremendous exposure and a lot of people and customers will recognize you with your trademark and thus it is critical to register your trademark so as to ensure that on other seller is misusing your trademark to sell his good or trying to spoil your reputation by providing low-quality goods in your name. Under Class 25 you can register your trademark and ensures that there is no misuse of your trademark name.


Thus if you have a fashion and accessories business then it makes complete sense to go ahead and register asVoonik Seller as you will great margins and also access to millions of customers.

As you can see that registering as aVoonik Seller is pretty simple and anyone can do it. You should only have all your papers in place and there will be no complication in the process. Moreover, while you are registering a Voonik seller support executive will also call you and help you out with the registration process.

There is no doubt about it that the future of Business is online business and here with Voonik you have a great and exciting opportunity to join one of the best and most popular websites for Woman’s Fashion and you can make lots of money and also expand your business by joining the Voonik community and serving the millions of customers who visit daily on Voonik. Surely this is an opportunity which should not be missed and you should take full advantage of it.

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