Major Influencing Factors Behind About Studies in Abroad

Limited availability of medical seats in India is one of the major influencing factors behind the decisions of Indian medical students to opt for medical studies in abroad.

Major Influencing Factors Behind About Studies in Abroad
  1. Opt for Medical Studies in Abroad

Limited availability of medical seats in India is one of the major influencing factors behind the decisions of Indian medical students to opt for medical studies in abroad.

  1. Education and Economical Fee Structure

Georgia is famous for its education and economical fee structure which is why it is one of the most popular medical studies destinations for Indian students.

  1. Top-Quality Infrastructure Facilities

The top-quality infrastructure facilities in the country have always been a point that is appreciated in the world of medical studies.

  1. List of Georgian Medical Universities Approved by MCI

The lists of medical universities which are approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI) to provide education to Indian students are long.

  1. Medical Education for Course Duration

Most of the universities of several countries are listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools which provide medical education for a course duration of 6 years which also includes 1 year of internship.

  1. Saves 1 Important Year for the Students

However, in the case of Georgia, all the major universities of the country offer MBBS course for 5 years which not only saves 1 important year for the students but also is economical because of that extra one year fee which the students would not have to pay in case they study MBBS in Georgia.

  1. Low Cost of Living

The low cost of living in the country is another one of those factors why the students opt to study MBBS in the country as the basic expenses and amenities in the country are economical.

  1. Covid-19

Georgia is one of those countries which has been least affected by the Covid-19.

  1. Highly Famous in Several Countries

The universities of Georgia are highly famous in several countries and many students of different countries enroll themselves every year for admission in some of the top medical universities of Georgia.

  1. Do Not Require to Learn the Georgian Language

Many countries such as Russia, China, etc. are famous for their medical studies abroad but the students are also required to learn the Russian and Chinese languages respectively during the course while studying in any of the Russian and Chinese Universities.

  1. Complete Course Taught In the English Language

In Georgia, the complete course is taught in the English language without the compulsion for the students to learn a new language which is a hectic procedure.

  1. Do Not Have Pressure to Learn New Language

On top of already doing a difficult course of MBBS, it is truly difficult for the students to learn a new language.

  1. Teachers and Professors are Highly Qualified

Highly qualified and experienced teachers are the essence of any MBBS universities of any country and there are many countries that promise the services of experienced teachers but when the students arrive in the universities, he/she realizes that is not the case while appearing to study MBBS in abroad.

  1. Teachers Know the Art of Teaching the Course

In Georgia, the teachers are highly experienced and know the art of teaching the course as they have been doing that for many years.

  1. Opportunities to Learn Several New Things

This not only helps the students in learning the course better but also gives them opportunities to learn several new things which come only by experience.

  1. Laboratories Have All Necessary Tools and Equipment

The infrastructure facilities of laboratories of the Georgian Medical Universities are great and these laboratories have all the necessary tools and equipment available all the time for the student's practice.

  1. Latest Modern Tools and Developments

The updated tools and equipment are also available in these laboratories which are useful for the students as they get to learn the art of using the latest modern tools and developments in the field of medical science.

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