Overseas Education Consultants in Delhi

Overseas Education Consultants in Delhi - Today a lot many students want to go and study and settle abroad. More and more developed countries are also encouraging young and talented students and individuals by giving them work visas and citizenship.

Overseas Education Consultants in Delhi

Overseas Education Consultants in Delhi

Today a lot many students want to go and study and settle abroad. More and more developed countries are also encouraging young and talented students and individuals by giving them work visas and citizenship. India is a rapidly growing economy and this is so because it is a young country with a majority of the citizens in the working age. Thus other developed countries also want to attract young Indian talent to their soil. Many overseas education consultants have opened up shop all across the country and more so in the nation’s capital Delhi. Many of these are genuine and have high success rates with visas but many are also fly by night operators. ABE OVERSEAS is an established name in the overseas education domain and they have a fantastic record success rate.

ABE OVERSEAS is miles ahead of the competition and it helps students in:

  • Career Counseling
  • Course Selection
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Resume editing and more.

Also ABE OVERSEAS provides these services all of which are the best in the industry:

  • Student Visas
  • Scholarships
  • Loan Assistance
  • Also, Post landing services

ABE OVERSEAS leaves no stone unturned in seeing to it that the student gets all the assistance right from exam preparation and counseling to departure Visas. They also help students with profile building, resume writing, essay writing, and mock interviews, and more.

Now let have a look at the services provided by ABE OVERSEAS:


At ABE OVERSEAS they have trained counseling and overseas guidance professionals who handhold the candidate and help him out with all his queries and questions. They leave no stone unturned to see to it that the student's mind and decisions get sorted out and they help them with the same.

All the questions and doubts are professionally and patiently discussed and the student gains clarity and is able to choose the right country and the right university which is based on many different factors like budget and background.


At ABE OVERSEAS they have a team of expert trainers for each and every country who have complete knowledge and exposure about that same country and the scope of education in those countries.

These trainers help the student decide and shortlist on the country of preference and guide them about how to go about applying for the universities there and how to get admission there.

Once the country is decided then these trainers help the student decide on the course and the university thus making it easy for the student to get the right combination. Thus they can embark on a successful overseas journey.


ABE OVERSEAS has been in this business for more than 5 years now. Thus they have gained expertise in VISA processing and have a very high VISA success rate.

Unlike other overseas consults, the VISA processing staff come with years of experience in VISA processing. They have the knowledge and prowess to make the VISA application a success.


This is one aspect that many students are apprehensive about. To remove their fears and make them more confident mock interviews are conducted by ABE OVERSEAS so that the students get enough practice to crack the final interview.

If the student is not locally available or is unable to be present physically then mock interviews are also conducted over the telephone or through Skype.

This practice proves to be very critical as the interview is very important ‘do or die’ situation for the student. It is critical for him to crack it if he has to succeed.

  1. Personalized ATTENTION

Personalized attention is given to the students and complete care is taken that they become confident and comfortable with the entire process. Even after they land on foreign soil they are given complete support and guidance in case they feel homesick or unnerved.

This personalized attention provided by ABE OVERSEAS goes a long way in making the entire process a success


ABE OVERSEAS provides comprehensive and ends to end coaching for IELTS, TOFEL, PTE, and other entrance exams. This is so that the student becomes a master of his subject and can practice and work hard and finally crack the exam.

The trainers who train the students on these exams have themselves appeared for the exams and have got high scores and have also cleared them.

Thus these trainers are the best professionals who can guide these aspirants on how to crack these professional exams. Also, the course material is also provided for the same, and complete guidance is given.


Based on the student profile ABE OVERSEAS tries to procure need-based and merit-based scholarships for students for all Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. degrees.

This is critical as many students are meritorious and can get a fee waiver and even at times a complete scholarship and some others have a financial crunch but want to fly high.

With the help of ABE OVERSEAS, these aspirants are able to make their dreams into reality.


The Visa application and filing process are also taken over by ABE OVERSEAS and the success rate of VISAs getting approved is very high.

Thus by providing all these critical services ABE OVERSEAS helps thousands of students across the country to realize their dreams and achieve success in getting scholarships and admissions in world-class universities abroad.

Thus although there are many Overseas VISA and education providers in Delhi ABE OVERSEAS stands out as the best and the most reliable visa process advisor.

When you go with ABE OVERSEAS for your VISA and other requirements then you can rest assured that they will leave no stone unturned in seeing to it that your job gets done and you achieve success in admission abroad.

Also, they handhold you through the entire process. They help and assist you and take care of you.

This is what makes ABE OVERSEAS the best overseas education consultants in Delhi.


Bijay Rawat

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