Facebook has become one of the most popular websites around the globe. Almost everybody today spends some time on Facebook daily without fail. Facebook is a great way to connect with friends and family and also to post pictures and videos.


Facebook has become one of the most popular websites around the globe. Almost everybody today spends some time on Facebook daily without fail. Facebook is a great way to connect with friends and family and also to post pictures and videos. The best part is that with Facebook you can reach a lot of people at one go. Thus it has become the most preferred medium for sharing and updating about oneself.

With Facebook, you can reach users around the globe. Thus why should you not start to monetize your time on Facebook?

This is a great idea as you will enjoy on Facebook. Also, you will be able to earn good money that too sitting at home by putting in some extra time every day.

The best part is that most of the ways of earning through Facebook do not require a great financial investment. They are more about innovation and creativity. They are also about creating new ideas that can be successfully monetized.

Thus you can start monetizing your time on Facebook today and thus you can earn while you enjoy.

The world is becoming more and more social. Many earning opportunities are coming up because of social media. One should definitely take the first-mover advantage. Thus one should monetize their time on Facebook.

These are some ways of earning money on Facebook:


If you have a lot of friends on Facebook and a lot of followers then companies and businesses can approach you for endorsing their products on your Facebook page.

There is no limit to earnings through this method. Also, this way of earning is very lucrative. You should thus continuously increase your friends. Also, you should join many groups so that you have a large following. Then businesses can then approach you to endorse their products and services on your Facebook page.

Influencer marketing is catching up soon. This is so because more and more businesses are acknowledging the power of networking.


Facebook marketplace is a free trading and business platform offered by Facebook. There are no restrictions on what all you can sell. You can sell it within your groups and followers and social network. You can advertise products and services and the buyers can directly contact you regarding price, shipping, and handling. Also, you can negotiate on the price with the buyer.

Also if you have an eye for unique products then you can resell them on the marketplace. Thus you can earn a lot of money through the Facebook marketplace.


Facebook is a great platform to advertise your business online. Both fortune companies and also small home-based businesses are advertising on Facebook business. This is so as the target customer is able to see the relevant ad and the conversion rates are great.

Also, it is cheaper than traditional advertising. With the increasing reach of the internet more and more people are joining Facebook by the day and it has now become a fantastic platform to advertise your business on.

You will definitely get results. And you can start small and become big with the help of the Facebook business.


Many big companies like Amazon and Flipkart pay you to put content on your Facebook page. This reaches all your friends and associates. Thus if you want to earn big then you should expand your network far and wide.

There are many affiliate programs available with big companies where they pay you for sharing positive reviews and ad content on your Facebook page. This can become a great earner for you as there are minimum effort and maximum results.

Affiliate marketing is picking up and more and more users with the mass following are promoting brands and products. Thus they are earning a lot of money through it.


You can create audio, video and pdf files using a free app called 22Social. You can then sell the content you have created through this app. This is a great way to earn income sitting at home. You can write eBooks or make presentations. You can also create tutorials and entertaining videos. You can also produce songs and podcasts and all these can be then marketed and sold with the help of 22Social.

You need a Facebook account, a 22Social account, and a PayPal account. Then you can host your videos on many content sites and also monetize your content.


You can also sell likes and marketers will pay you big money if your content pages and content get great likes. Although this has been a matter of debate whether this is an ethical practice or not but advertisers and marketers alike will pay you to put their ads on your page. And if you have many followers, all they have to do is to like the page and you will end up earning big money. You should just be careful that unethical or wrong practices are avoided and the wrong content is not advertised on your page.


This is a great way of earning through Facebook. You can post ads about your product service or business. Thus you are able to easily reach your target audience with élan and ease through Facebook ads. Moreover, you can also post ads for a big corporation. Corporations wish to be anonymous and you can earn by posting ads on behalf of them.

The cost is determined by the reach and the target audience. Most businesses find Facebook ads very very effective. This is so because the conversions are fantastic and quick.

Today the entire world is on Facebook. Facebook ads make it possible to reach your target audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing.

Moreover, digital marketing and online advertising is definitely the future. Thus you can multiply your income from ads quick and easy.


You can also manage pages on Facebook for celebrities and big corporates. This includes posting regular updates, advertising, and marketing, posting engaging contents and also posting news and updates.

Today many companies and celebrities want Facebook page managers. Thus there are plenty of jobs out there for the same.

The best part is that you can do this parttime or full time as it suits you. The earnings are great and you just have to invest your time and creativity.


A group is a great way of influencing all the members. There are 2 types of groups, open groups that anyone can join at any time and closed groups which are by invitation or application only. Moreover, you can close the applications for the group once the target membership has been reached.

The best part is that you can create a group for a cause or a political party or a social group and through that group, you can influence all the members of the group.

These entities will pay you for posting their messages and updates on your group. This is a great way of earning extra income.


If you are a small business and want to advertise within a small budget then you can go for direct advertising. Here you can advertise and promote your local business and it will quickly reach the correct target audience. This will create a lot of business for your business.

It is a proven fact that direct advertising on Facebook is much more effective than other forms of advertising.

Thus as we can see that it is not difficult to earn money through Facebook. You just need to be innovative and be creative. You need to explore the full potential of monetization on Facebook.

There is a lot of abundances out there and you should tune into it by using these creative and innovative methods. Thus you can become a success by earning through Facebook.

Time is money and you spend hours on Facebook every day. Thus it makes complete sense to earn while you are enjoying your time on Facebook.

The best part is that you don’t have to invest much at all in the beginning. It is just connecting the dots and putting the pieces together. This will lead to fantastic financial success on Facebook.

Indulge in affiliate marketing or advertise your business. Sell content or your product or services. Manage accounts for celebrities and big companies. The opportunities are endless and if you have a passion for social networking then you can definitely monetize your Facebook account. Thus you can turn your social networking into machinery which will churn out a lot of money on auto mode.

So it makes sense to take the first-mover advantage and take a seat on the monetization bandwagon on Facebook. You should do this so that you can also earn a lot of money and enjoy life both online and offline.

Moreover, by investing back what you earn from Facebook you can create an advertising empire. You can become a net entrepreneur and earn millions by just having fun on your favorite social networking site which is Facebook.

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