Stock photo sites have come a long way and today if you are a keen and skilled photographer you can definitely earn a living out of selling photos. Different sites have different submission procedures and rules to follow and also some pay more and others less.


Stock photo sites have come a long way and today if you are a keen and skilled photographer you can definitely earn a living out of selling photos. Different sites have different submission procedures and rules to follow and also some pay more and others less. The trick is to get the right balance and then submit to sites where your work gets highlighted and comes in the limelight.

Contributing and submitting to good stock photo sites can be your first step towards photographic greatness and a successful carrier as well.

These are a list of some of the best Photography sites to sell on:


Shutterstock is one of the most popular sites for buying and selling photos on. Their payouts work on a sliding scale basis meaning the more images you get downloaded the more you will earn with every image.

Currently, the scale is $.25 per download and so it takes a while till your portfolio expands and you start earning big on Shutterstock. Shutterstock has more than 9,000,000 images and is growing by the day. It is one of the most reputed and well-ranked stock photo sites online.


This is a stock photo site which is great for beginners. The payouts are not that great but they offer an extended licensing program which helps increase the amount garnered from every sale. With this extended license, additional rights are granted to the purchaser for an additional fee and you can control whether you want to give the extended rights or not.


Getty Images has good payoffs but the entry process is difficult and cumbersome as Getty is a traditional stock photo agency. To apply and submit pictures you need to firstly register with the site and review the guidelines while submitting and also take a quiz and submit a web link to the gallery of your best and finest images.

Getty wants images that create a strong connection through emotions and concepts, images that are layered and deep.

If your photos are accepted you can then submit photos for one of Getty’s house collections which has a specific theme.


Stockxpert was initially a small microstock photo company that was taken over by a much bigger company and they now have a new name Jupiter Images. They offer a 50 percent commission on all credit purchases and pay electronically through PayPal as per your preference. They can also mail a check to you if you like.

The license you are agreeing to assign to purchasers right is listed on their site and looks good before signing up. You can also go for the very popular extended license for picking revenue for select images

You can monitor earnings online and they even have an affiliate program for increased earnings.


Fotolia is one of those companies that employ a sliding scale with royalties per image downloaded which is between 30 to 61 percent. The royalty is flexible and it can increase if you agree and decide to become an exclusive Fotolia photographer.

One good thing about Fotolia is that the commission’sand credits earned per sales on are on their site before you go ahead and register.

Thus the photographer can decide whether he wants to be fully exclusive, partially exclusive, or non-exclusive right at the beginning.

Fotolia accepts images in JPEG format and the images should be at least 2400x1600 pixels and you must be the license owner. Of course, you cannot upload images with watermarks or trademarks on them.


With Big Stock Photos you get a 50 percent commission and that means you will earn a minimum of $ .50 and a maximum of $ 3 per image. You start getting payouts the moment you have at least $ 50 accumulated in your account which is paid out electronically through PayPal or Moneybookers.

The images are listed on the basis of popularity and demand and this makes it very useful to target one's work if your images are doing well. Uploads are quick and easy and the most popular images are conceptual images and they can also be sold on other sites if you would like to.


This is one of the best and most popular microstock agencies on the web. The quality check processes are pretty rigorous, but of course, many other websites are even tougher on the submissions.

There is also an exclusive image program that is offered if you sell your images exclusively with istockphoto and the payouts then are much larger.

They have a high-quality image packaging program called Vetta where exclusive and selected images are packaged into one program and this helps in boosting sales, especially for superb and extraordinary photos.

  • VEER

Veer is a common man’s stock photoshop. It is especially known for catering to the ‘affordable market’.

With Veer, the photo submission procedure is more precise but strict and tough. You will be asked for past experience and also industry references. Also, you have to tell about your specialization and links to where your work is published and available.

Veer is more suitable for those who have an established portfolio they wish to shop to other photo sites.

Experience and references are given priority at this agency.


Can a Stock photo be offering photographers 50 percent commission on all direct image purchases on their website and $.25 for each subscription downloaded? You can sign up easily as the process is straightforward and you just have to link to your portfolio and upload three good images for a review.

There is also an exclusive program on offer if you want to be shown only at one agency. You can also submit pictures to other agencies as well.


Alamy lists 15,000 plus photographers currently. 60 percent of each sale made on the site is given to the photographer. The images are the copyright of the photographer and he maintains the right to sell those images to other sites as well which means that the photos are non-exclusive. They also have a dedicated helpline for photographers. All the submissions go through a QC check and a failure will mean that all submissions in that particular batch fail.

Thus as we can see that one can start small but make it big in the stock photo market online if one has a good knack of clicking fine photos and as and when your brand gets popular you will start making more money and then you can even turn pro.

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