Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
When an author submits a guest blog, it undergoes an acceptance-level test by Amazonsale. Certain
criteria are considered while making a decision:
  1. The content must be original and unique. The guest post would be accepted only then.
  2. The guest post must pass the plagiarism criteria check for it to be accepted as well as the
  author to be approved.
  3. Guest blogs might consist of various mentions of facts and figures to support claims and
  opinions. They must be marked with a valid reference for approval.
  4. The author must not mention any self- beneficial affiliate links or advertisements within the
  guest blog content to avoid rejection.
  5. When selecting images for the blog, the author must ensure that they are original and not
Once the above criteria are looked at, Amazonsale carried out certain checks on the content to
ensure that it will stand in top-ranking content:
  1. The owner is liable to carry out checks for the author online to ensure no spam material can
  ever be introduced.
  2. The owner is liable to cancel or reject the submissions in case the check for external, affiliate
  or personal links of the author is found in the submitted content.
  3. The owner may carry out a check for content structure, depth of knowledge and content
  chosen, and word count to ensure quality.
  4. The submitted content might be checked for keyword frequency, placement, and usage for
  the best ranking online.
  5. The owner would carry out checks for the originality of images. In case any copied work is
  found, the content would be rejected.
After the checks from above are considered, Amazonsale would prefer the authors to go through the
below conditions before considering the submission of content:
  1. The author would have no right to the content once submitted. The sole ownership would
  belong to Amazonsale.
  2. The author can utilize the published blog post link in the portfolio and may share it
  anywhere online.
  3. The owner may add their affiliate links to the blog content during the publishing.
  4. The author would not be considered for any compensation at any time for any submission.
  5. The owner would be charging a basic fee for every guest post submission. Though, this fee
  would be non-refundable.
  6. With Amazonsale, the author can submit and showcase their work but in no way
  tremendous reach and audience are guaranteed.
  7. Amazonsale has the right to edit, add, or delete sections of the blog to make it more
  approachable while the author has no right to it once submitted. Though, any required edits
  can be requested by the author.
  8. In case the author is an influential personality, Amazonsale has the flexibility to provide a
  link to the author's information in any one place in the content.
  9. The author’s rights are limited to blog post submissions and in no way is he/she a part of the
  company at any time.